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Using Voice Controls to Enhance the Cooking Experience

GOAL of project

The aim of this project was to learn how to prototype with voice commands and to understand the thought journey that takes place as a way to help the user. This exercise allowed me to think about the different use cases or utterances that a user could respond with and to ultimately figure out how to design for all of those possibilities. 


As a means to practice these skills in a realistic manner, I thought about what types of industries could be advanced with this technology. After some time, I landed on a cooking app.


who WAS interviewed

For this project, I researched individual's behaviors while following a recipe. I questioned how users interacted with a recipe in order to gain better insight into how they would react to this product. My main goal was to understand how individuals behaved towards the steps in a recipe: did they follow the steps as is? Did they combine several of the noted steps? Or did they read it through in its entirety and never return to it?

Cooking App Key Takeaways.png


In 2007, an engineer used high-resolution scans to show she was originally painted with visible eyebrows or eyelashes and they gradually disappeared over time

how research informed the design

Based on these conversations, through synthesis I discovered two common pain points.


When people cook their hands tend to get dirty

Pain point number one is important because it proves the fear of getting your screen dirty with whatever your hands are covered in. While following a step of a recipe not only is their potential for ingredients to spill onto our hands, but there is also a time gap between completing one step and reading the next one. During that time, our phones could lock and we are forced to unlock the screen with our food covered fingers.


designing solution

I wanted to find a solution that would alleviate the users pain points above. That is why speech activation seemed like the perfect answer; it removes the physical interactions with our phones. By speaking to our phone a user no longer has to worry about unlocking their phone while having dough or sauce on their hands, and they also no longer have to worry about moving back to their phone while they are stirring their ingredients on the stove.


Rather now, they can just say the expected commands and have the next step read aloud or their current step repeated.


cooking app single iphone mockup.png


When people cook many move around their kitchens


Pain point number two is critical since it demonstrates that cooking involves moving. We start for example by the stove, then move to the fridge to get an ingredient and then maybe we go to the cubbord to get a bowl to put the ingredients in. Thought this journey, we might have moved away from where our phone originally was put down.

Give Speech controls a try yourself

Dive into the experience by clicking this link!


mona lisa mockup@3x.png

As a way to push myself and to learn a new skill through this project, I decided to create all of the screens in Adobe XD, compared to Sketch or Figma which I have become accustomed to. 

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