I am a UX/UI Designer born and raised in New York City, passionate about building products within the Entertainment, Fitness, and Technology fields. A driven and curious learner, I leverage proficiency in Graphic Design, Software Development, and UX/UI Design. I attribute my success to a critical eye, hard work, and a supportive nature. I aspire to connect people to accessible designs.

From a young age, I was interested in learning to code because I loved the ability to be able to solve problems. I quickly learned that the path of an Engineer involved ideating and ultimately building out a product that made the end-user's life easier. However, while at college I discovered my second love: Design. Through Design I found myself allowing my creative juices to flow while reverting back to my need to solve problems. However, I felt as though I was missing a solid reason for my design decisions and that is why my story comes full circle when I combined my two passions beginning my career as a UX/UI Designer! 

Early in my UX/UI journey I noticed there was a lack of available resources for Junior UX/UI Designers, so I made it my goal to help alleviate some of the mystique surrounding real-life projects. What began as posts regarding my design process on Medium quickly turned into weekly reflections disguised as tips and tricks that I have learned along the way that I now share both on LinkedIn and Instagram. Although my posts began as a way for me to continue practicing my skill sets, they have allowed me to help others begin to find their footing in this field. My success in reaching this untapped audience was recently recognized by LinkedIn where I was honored as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Design for 2020. This accolade has helped strengthened my reach and has continued to inspire me to keep breaking the design barriers.


When I am not designing or creating content I am attending concerts, traveling, or at the gym (pre/post COVID-19). I'd love to know your favorite song or hear about your motivating workout routine.

Email: fskast@gmail.com

what i do besT

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As a strong believer in research to better understand the needs of the user to deliver the most meaningful and intuitive designs, I am obsessed with validating designs through user feedback and testing.

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UX Design

By creating user flows, site architecture, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping, I

am able to define the user flow of the digital product and the overall functionality, features, and information.

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Visual/UI Design

Through my Graphic Design background and a strong understanding of design principles, I am able to design not only for the user's needs but also for an aesthetic feel.

how i solve problems


Redesign Existing Products

  • Increase usability by restructuring a user's flow through the product

  • Rebrand application and possibly company, to better establish identity to customers

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Create New Product Designs

  • Discover the target audience's needs, wants, and behaviors 

  • Establish an aesthetically pleasing design that fulfills both the user's expectations and the business goals