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Filter off

Filter Off is a client-based project which focuses on bringing the humanization back to online dating through 90-second video dates. 


For this project, my task was to reinvent the

on-boarding process and to understand the user's pain points associated with the flow of the existing app. 






1 Month


Zach Schleien

Brian Weinreich

Frankie Kastenbaum


UX/UI Contractor, 

owned the research of the app, focusing on the redesign of the onboarding process.

01 research

who we interviewed

The Filter Off team was interested in discovering how to create an app that would replicate in-person dating and that would establish connections in the most hands-off manner for the user. 


In order to do this, my goal was to understand where users felt confused within the existing onboarding flow so that the app could then be relaunched to better suit the users.

FO Interviews.png

It was important to interview individuals that represented the entire population of who this app targeted. Therefore, both genders were represented within our user pool. 

original on-boarding


Since  Filter Off was already a live app before I joined the team, this was the onboarding flow that was pushed in the first version. 

FO original onboarding.png

original on-boarding annotations

To better understand why users felt confused and unclear with the flow and usage of the app, I turned to users to watch how they interacted with the existing product.

FO annoations 1.png

02 Define

What we heard

Users aimlessly swiped through the existing onboarding process, they were too eager to enter the app. They did not want to feel forced into reading information. 

FO Bubble 3.png
FO bubble 2.png
FO bubble 1.png

03 Design

new on-boarding

Using the new branded color palette and feedback from the user tests on the live version, I created a flow that mimicked a texting conversation. 


I wanted to create a flow where the user would feel inclined to interact with the app and feel as though it was a personalized interaction.

on boarding 1.png
on boarding 2.png
on boarding 3.png
on boarding 4.png
onboarding 5.png

04 Test

new on-boarding annotations

new onboarding usability test.png

To understand if users felt more confident in how to use the app based on this new on-boarding process I conducted usability tests. 

what we heard

FO  bubble 6.png
FO bubble 5.png
FO Bubble 4.png

05 ui & branding


Filter Off wanted a more unique brand identity. Therefore, I turned to the psychology of colors to find a palette that represented the brand and vision of the app. As well as, I looked at competitors to see how Filter Off could aesthetically stand out among other dating apps. 

rebrading fo.png

According to the psychology of colors, Royal Blue is associated with trust, honesty, loyalty, joy, and wisdom. Red is associated with determination, passion, desire, and love. Therefore, I felt these colors targeted Filter Off’s intention to help serious daters find love through a personalized hands-off dating app. 

get to know the person, not the profile

Discover 90 second speed dating and learn more about Filter Off at

buttons fo.png
on boarding 3.png

06 reflect


As my first individual client project, I was able to test my skill sets, allowing me to identify my own UX process. Through my self-initiated project to redesign the onboarding process, I learned to push back on the importance of UX and to stand up for user research. For this specific project I worked directly with the two founders of the company, and I quickly discovered that even though they had onboarded me as a UX Designer, their focus was on the business and its marketing. I found that even though I had user data to back up the changes I was suggesting, my clients had a difficult time understanding the long-term effects on how my ideas would influence their product. Through several tough conversations, I pushed to advocate for the user and although my designs were never implemented, I was proud of the solution I created through user interviews and usability tests on both the original and my newly constructed app.

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